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Key Features of Rank One Sport

Web Based Athletic Department Software

  • Rank One Sport is web based computer software used by numerous athletic departments.
  • The software contains many features designed to help with organization, communication, time saving elements, and most of all a user
    friendly web based system for our clients.

Some of the key features include:

Athlete Management

  1. Our athlete management feature allows the athletic trainer the ability to communicate with the coaches. The athletic trainer can customize up
    to 10 forms that may be required before an athlete can participate. The coaches can view the status of the athletes at any time in the system.
  2. The Athlete management feature contains a simple import feature. We are able to work with the registrar’s office to download the student
    demographic data and import it into the system. This management feature saves the athletic trainers and administrators countless hours of
    importing student data manually.
  3. The athlete management feature allows the athletic trainers the ability to document injuries, treatments, and store Dr.’s notes regarding the
    injuries. The treatments and the injury reports can be customized to meet the needs of the local athletic department.
  4. The coaches, administrators, and athletic trainers can access the athlete’s information from any location that has the internet. The software
    can be accessed by providing a unique user name and password.
  5. Student records can be accessed up to 7 years after the student graduates.
  6. Notification of the daily treatments can be sent to the coaches each day. The coaches are notified by e-mail if the athlete was seen in the
    athletic trainer’s office, included in the notes.the time of the treatment, body part and any notes that the athletic trainer would like for the
    coaches to receive.
  7. Athletes can be added manually or electronically. The client can promote the athletes to the next grade at any time. The system will allow the
    athletic trainer to work in multiple school years. The dates of the athletes physical can be set to expire after one, two, or three years.
  8. The system can be used to create rosters. Each coach, administrator, or athletic trainer can build a roster with our “point and click” feature.
    The rosters can be downloaded into excel or pdf files. The rosters can be utilized to build athlete participation reports. The reports allow
    administration the ability to monitor student participation by sport, gender, and grade.
  9. Several reports regarding the athlete’s injuries, treatments, playing status, allergies, medications, etc. can be accessed with the software.
    The reports add a level of safety for the athletes as well as the athletic staff.

Scheduling Feature

  1. The web based game and non game scheduling feature is very user friendly. Because the system is web based, the schedules can be accessed
    by the coaches, athletic trainers, parents, and community. The system can be accessed from any location that has internet connectivity. Another
    benefit of being web based is that the schedules do not have to be handled several times. Once they have been entered into the system, the data
    can be retrieved in multiple reports and formats.
  2. The parents can access the schedules from the web site or the schools web page once the hyperlink has been posted. The parents can get
    schedules, directions to games, and scores from the site.
  3. The scheduling feature assists with facility management. The user will be alerted any time an event has already been scheduled for that
    particular facility venue. This prevents more than one event from being scheduled a t the same time and same place.
  4. Games and non game events can be edited and updated very quickly in the system. The updates are instant, allowing the user to communicate
    with everyone regarding the game and non game status. Alerts are sent to the coaches, administration, and athletic trainers when changes to
    schedules are made. The e-mails enhance the communication with those inside the athletic department. The updates can be used to
    communicate with parents and community members as well.
  5. One of the unique features of the scheduling software is the ability to look back at the prior year and view the schedules, results, and non
    game activities. The system will also allow the user to schedule games up to 2 years in the future.
  6. The system will allow scheduling multiple teams at each level. Each team can have a unique title and be customized to meet the individual needs of the athletic program.
  7. With the web based system the athletic director and administrators can view all of the schedules in their departments. They can view the
    schedules as they are being built and run reports at any time. The system is designed to assist in being organized and save valuable time.
  8. The system does handle schedules for 3 different levels of participation such as the Middle School level, High School level, and College level.
  9. The non game event feature allows the user to schedule practices, rentals, and other non-game events. The software contains a feature that
    allows the user to schedule an event on multiple days with one entry.
  10. All of the schedules in the system can be accessed in multiple views. The schedules can be exported to excel or a pdf format. These features
    allow the client the ability to further customize the schedules to meet their individual needs. The coaches can keep the schedules private until
    they are ready to be released to the general public.

Report Builders

  1. The software contains multiple report builders. Reports are available regarding schedules, injuries, non game events, daily treatment logs, SOAP notes, facility usage, etc…
  2. The coaches and athletic trainers can run reports regarding the status of the athletes. The reports can provide information on the
    athletes allowing the clients the ability to access information regarding allergies, special medical situations, and medications the athlete
    may be taking.
  3. The athletic director and other administrators can use the report builders to monitor player participation, gender, ethnicity, and many other
    specific reports required to perform their jobs. The reports can be generated in a variety of formats based on the needs of the client.

Administrating the Software

  1. One of the key features to the Rank One Software is the “User friendly set up and maintenance of the program”
  2. The system is flexible and can meet the needs of any size athletic department.
  3. There are different levels of access that can be assigned to the coaches, administrators, and secretaries.
  4. The system is controlled at the local level.
  5. We allow the district or university to have multiple users.

For more information, or if you would like a demo, please CONTACT US