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Athlete Management

Customer Support via Phone & Email

This is our Trademark in the industry--No one does it better--just ask any of our clients!

Electronic Import of Student Profile Data

Students do not have to be manually put into the system--great for time management

FTP feature available for nightly updates

Student data lists can be updated nightly

Track Athlete Paper work

District can customize and track required paperwork for all athletes

Create Rosters

A point and click system for coaches to build and maintain rosters

Track Daily Treatments for Athletes

A great way for athletic trainers to log daily treatments

Track Injury Information

Records and keeps track of all athletes' injuries

Store Important Notes inside the System

Scan and store important documents into Rank One's Data Base

Access to Student Demographics

Web access allows Rank One users to get to student demographic information

Run Multiple Student Athlete Reports

The Athlete Report Generator is capable of creating hundreds of customized reports

Participation Reports

Run several different types of participation reports

Easy to use Export to Excel Feature

User friendly interface with excel allows the end user to further customize reports

Send Daily Treatment Report to Coaches

This option allows the athletic trainer to send a treatment report to the coaches

Promotion Feature

Allows the athletic trainer the ability to promote athletes to the next grade at any time

Search for Athletes by Name or ID number

Clients can search for an athlete's information by student name or ID number

Easy to read Eligibility Status

The student's eligibility status is easily identified by color codes; green/red

Equipment Tracker

Tracks sports & medical equipment checked out to the athletes

Web Application for IPhones and Androids

Access athlete information from any smart phone (to be released in March 2011)

Record Storage

Rank One stores all records for 7 years and allows you to download and store locally