Wayside Middle School

7th grade Track & Field (M) WMS Track 7th (M)

Game Schedule

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Special Notes
Feb 24
4:30 PM
Prairie Vista
Dual meet between Wayside and Prairie Vista
Saginaw High School  
Mar 2
4:30 PM
CV, PV, Argyle
Pioneer Stadium  
Mar 8
4:30 PM
Argyle, Springtown, Decatur, Forte, Creekview, Wayside and Marine Creek
Argyle High School  
Mar 22
4:30 PM
Springtown, Wayside, Prairie Vista, Marine Creek and Argyle
Springtown Porcupine Stadium  
Mar 30
4:30 PM
Zone Meet
Chisholm Trail High School  
Apr 5
4:30 PM
Meet of Champions - teams qualify
Springtown Porcupine Stadium  

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