Frassati Catholic High School-Spring

Varsity Swimming (F) Swimming Girls Varsity - Falcons

Game Schedule

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Special Notes
Nov 7
2:15 PM
HCYA Fall Invitational
1:40pm warm up
City of Conroe Aquatic Center  
Nov 13
4:00 PM
CHSM Fall Invitational
warm up at 3pm - no return bus service
Spring Creek Oaks Community Pool  
Nov 21
2:15 PM
HCYA Fall Harvest Meet
warm ups @ 1:40pm - arrive by 1:30pm
City of Conroe Aquatic Center  
Jan 16
9:30 AM
Houston Area Private and Parochial Invitational
warm ups @ 7:30am
University of Houston Natatorium  
Jan 23
Houston Regional Meet
location & times TBA
Feb 9
7:30 AM
Division II State Meet
Bill Walker Pool - NEISD  

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